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Care to grow with us? Volunteer.

Our volunteers are the roots that nurture the Springfield Community Gardens' growth. Whether you're part of the neighborhood or simply know a smart move when you see it, volunteering helps create a local, ongoing food source for Springfield families. The project is built to benefit people who invest their own time and effort, and working the gardens puts food on the table—be it your own or, if you've just dropped by to help, your neighbor's.

Garden volunteering is about more than growing food for the community. It's about growing the community itself. By design, community members who help out develop crucial skills. Volunteers learn about healthy eating, quick and easy cooking, and even how to plant budget-saving veggies in their own yards.

Schedule your volunteer date, and we'll grow together.

Want to help sow the seeds? Donate.

Springfield Community Gardens are located in neighborhoods full of dedicated people who keep the healthy food growing. The Gardens build a sense of community pride as neighbors and families come together with kids, parents, and even grandparents working side-by-side. But that work ethic can't pay for the equipment, seeds, soil, and other items it takes to run a successful garden. Thankfully, people like you know that donations help motivated people help themselves.

Donating money when you can or stopping by the Hovey House with gardening equipment lets the Springfield Community Gardens help local families grow their own food and improve neighborhoods that have seen hard times lately. And whether your donation is big as a beanstalk or small as a sprout, it makes a huge difference for us.

Choose your donation, and help Springfield grow stronger.

The Yardstick: A Community Garden Blog

2014 Year End Report Springfield Community Gardens

February 11, 2015 • Posted by Richard Napieralski

CFO Metro grant impact The Community Foundations of the Ozarks Metropolitan Innovation grant award of $12,000 enabled SCG to improve or found 4 gardens in 2014, Grant Beach Community Garden, Fairbanks Neighborhood Garden, The Kitchen’s God’s Garden, and Weller Neighborhood Garden. We covered the utilities of the Kitchen’s “God’s Garden” greenhouse, which produces thousands of new seedlings for pl… Continue Reading »

2014 Taproots Growing

August 24, 2014 • Posted by Richard Napieralski

This year (2014) is a major growing year for Springfield community Gardens(SCG). For the first few years, Grant Beach Garden was the major focus of activities. It's become a great neighborhood center with the Grant Beach Neighborhood Ass'n activities combined with SCG. The SCG and FoodCore merger yielded new opportunities for interaction with other 501 organizations like Ozarks Food Harvest. We… Continue Reading »

Springfield Community Gardens is expanding!

March 23, 2014 • Posted by Richard Napieralski

Press Release Springfield Community Gardens 800 W Hovey St, Springfield, MO 65802 417 942 2456

Grant Beach Community Garden (GBCG) is expanding! We have two expansions to announce. The GBCG will have one more city lot to the west to define the outer bounds of the main garden and add a mulch walkway to Hovey St. The second expansion is an auxiliary project, Fai… Continue Reading »